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Programs & Projects

Programs & Projects


A Mindfulness movement has begun in our community. It’s slowly taking shape in the places we learn, work, play and heal. It’s emerging partly out of necessity, and partly out of the pursuit for an exceptional quality of life. If it’s advancing this successfully all on its own, imagine what we could do if we put intention behind it.

Our coalition of education, business, medical, philanthropic and wellness sector representatives is exploring ways to build upon these existing Mindfulness efforts. We’re already seeing promising results in our schools, a commitment from our local hospital and its physicians, and programmatic offerings sprouting up at places like the YMCA and within local businesses. Our plan is to get intentional about incorporating Mindfulness into our everyday lives – with the goal of making it an identifiable part of what makes our community so special.

Green Investment

Parks offer healing, antidote for stress

Upcoming Events

Step It Up!  Fitness Challenge

Begins April 22  •  Register by April 15

This is a FREE program designed to help you get active & visit new parks.
ALL levels of fitness welcome!


Learn to embrace and respond to life’s everyday stressful moments with skill and intention in our free e-book. 

Mindfulness in the Tri-Cities

Grand Haven Area Community Foundation / Tri-Cities College Access Network Pilot Mindful Schools Lessons

  • Central High School
  • Spring Lake High School – Independent Living Class
  • Peach Plains Elementary School
  • White Pines Middle School
  • Lakeshore Middle School
  • Grand Haven High School
  • West Michigan Academy of Arts & Academics

Grand Haven Area Public Schools

  • Providing Mindfulness lessons to all 5th and 7th graders as part of its comprehensive K-12 effort to address social and emotional wellness.
  • Providing Mindfulness education to counselors and social workers.


  • Ongoing Mindfulness classes for parents, preschoolers and teens
  • Mindfulness lessons within summer camps for pre-schoolers, teens, and counselors
  • Worksite Wellness Programming

YMCA Collaboration with Chamber of Commerce & Shape Corp.

  • Providing educational series, “Navigating Stress in your Organization and Beyond”

Shape Corporation’s Fitness Factory

  • Ongoing Mindfulness Challenges
  • Eight-week stress reduction series offered annually
  • Leadership Teams (Nissan Business Unit, Diversified Business Unit) participate in six hours of Mindfulness training
  • Take 5 Guided Relaxation Video on computer desktops
  • Various mindfulness classes offered annually

NOCH Clinical Team Mindfulness Exploration FY 2018

  • Primary care and Specialist practice Integration
  • Employee Wellness programmatic Integration
  • Community Education Seminar Series

Ottawa Area Intermediate School District

  • Mindfulness education within professional development offerings and general programming

Your Donations in Action

Thank you for considering a donation to support the mission of the North Ottawa Wellness Foundation. The North Ottawa Wellness Foundation is a component fund within the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation. Donations to the North Ottawa Wellness Foundation will support programs in our community that align with our mission and address one or more of the four wellness areas of

Effective Stress Management & Emotional Balance, Exercise, Movement & Quality Sleep, Clean Food & Nutrition, Helping Self, Helping Others

“This will help me find more patience and take a moment before reacting.”

“When I asked students to use quiet voices . . . they start taking deep breaths!”

“I learned the importance of giving space for appropriate responses and how to achieve that space.”

“Nine out of ten say Mindfulness benefits them personally and professionally.”

“Learning the science behind Mindfulness helped me understand THE WHY.”

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