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Workplace Well-being

Workplace Well-being

In today’s hectic and demanding world, leaders and employees are frequently bombarded by stressful situations and scenarios. We have included easy-to-implement strategies to support you and your colleagues as you navigate and address stress in the workplace. These easy tips will help get the conversation started in your workplace.

Just Getting Started?

Interested in beginning the conversation in your organization around workplace well-being? Use these easy to download tools.

North Ottawa Wellness Foundation Challenge

Choose one of the four wellness areas from the North Ottawa Wellness Foundation website and take the 30 challenge as a team.

North Ottawa Wellness Foundation Challenge

The Cost Benefit of Well Employees

Harvard Business Review shares this compelling article on the economic benefit to companies who support employee wellness.

The Cost Benefit of Well Employees

Staff Conversation Starters

Tips for starting conversations around wellness, or beginning your own wellness team at work.

Build a Winning Team Through Nutrition

Wellness comes from a series of small choices. The more people who make good choices, the better the outcome will be for everyone.

“We developed our wellness strategy specifically to be an expression of our employee-centric culture and as an antidote to rising health care costs. We believed if we gave our employees and their families the education and tools to take control of their health by reducing controllable health risk factors and making better decisions when accessing health care, they would do it. We were told it would never work! However, it has been a tremendous success. First the numbers.

  • We have beat the market consistently both locally and nationally in terms of real health care costs.
  • We beat the market even after population adjustments for age/gender differences validating the impact of our wellness program.

The real story though is the improved health, vitality, and well- being that so many of our employees have experienced. Wellness is now an integral and permanent part of our Shape family culture.

– Doug Peterson, Vice President, Human Resources, Shape Corp.

Supporting Ongoing Employee Wellness


Formalize your Workplace Well-being Team

Modify Shape’s model of Wellness Ambassadors to fit the needs of your organization.
Join the YMCA’s Worksite Wellness Program for additional support in building your Workplace Well-being Team.

Book Talks

Use one of these fantastic books to offer a monthly employee/wellness team book talk around the topics of stress. Use the questions provided to discuss helpful tips or information shared in each book.

Outdoor Challenges

Get outside and enjoy our fabulous parks as a team. Create your own team challenge, or join in the Step It Up! program. Get healthy, get outside. Build camaraderie while you enjoy our great outdoors.

Take the Ottawa County Parks Challenge. Challenge your team to visit just five parks, or every park this year.

Fresh Food Challenge

Coming Soon

Taking It Further

Are you interested in looking at other business’ models for Workplace Well-being? Or offering a staff leader additional training or support in leading your organization to a healthier workplace?

Learn from Aetna’s Chief Mindfulness Officer in this interview, learn about Aetna’s Mindfulness Center for employees. They report that participants are regaining 62 minutes per week of productivity, and a $3000 per person, per year, approximate dollar return in terms of productivity.

Search Inside Yourself

Check out Google’s Search Inside Yourself Program

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