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Exercise, Movement & Quality Sleep

Exercise, Movement & Quality Sleep

“When it comes to your overall health, exercise and sleep are foundational for leading a balanced lifestyle. A study from the National Sleep Foundation reports that people sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day if they get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week. By synchronizing the two, we are better able to enhance our quality of life.” – Holly Severance, Wellness Manager, Shape Family Wellness

Exercise, movement and quality sleep build the foundation for more effectively accessing the Relaxation Response and are critical to our physical as well as psychological wellbeing. We are familiar with our doctor’s important suggestions for a consistent exercise routine – 20-30 minutes per session, three to four sessions per week. In addition, research shows that getting this exercise or movement outside, preferably in the morning, in a natural setting such as one of our many magnificent Ottawa County parks, has added health benefits.

Metabolically, exercise clears out cortisol. While adrenaline, with its burst of energy in the heat of the moment, clears more quickly from our system, noradrenaline and cortisol don’t metabolize as quickly and can take a few days to clear from our system, unless we move it out of our bodies through exercise or movement. Additionally, new research shows that quick, brisk physical movement before breakfast, 20 minutes each day, has a more positive effect on our well-being than a workout later in the day. We shed more weight, and don’t exhaust ourselves as easily with a morning exercise or movement practice.

Building self-awareness allows us to find time, even just a few minutes, to get outside and move our bodies. Numerous studies and scientific research now substantiate what poets, authors and artists of all kinds have known for centuries, that a bit of time in nature does the body, and the mind, a great deal of good.

  • According to a recent study, a 15-minute walk in the woods causes measurable changes in physiology, decreasing the stress hormone cortisol by 16%, and lowering both blood pressure and heart rate.
  • A 2008 University of Michigan study showed participants’ memory performance, and attention spans, improved by 20 percent after just an hour of interacting with nature.
  • Locally, our very own North Ottawa Community Health System family practice physician Dr. Stan Haegert, shared, “I’m always relieved when I learn that a new patient loves and spends time outdoors, because I know that means we’re likely to spend less time together dealing with problems like anxiety, depression, obesity and heart disease.” He adds, “Nature is strong medicine.”
  • Exercise or move your body in the morning, before breakfast for most effective results.
  • Movement clears cortisol from the body.
  • Move in nature for more stress reduction and increased memory and attention.

Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is crucial to a balanced state of mind and health. When we make simple changes to our routine to support healthy sleep patterns, we allow our bodies to move through the natural detoxification and rejuvenation of the organs and tissues necessary throughout the night. Sleep is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory actions, as most detoxification and rejuvenation happens between 10pm-2am.

Building self-awareness allows us to make more nourishing choices that help our bodies wind down for bed. Research shows that happy people get better sleep, content people have more serene sleep and wake up well-rested. Insomnia is related with mood disorders as sleep and mood are closely related. Healthy sleep can enhance the quality of happiness and our mood. Conversely, the pre-frontal cortex (responsible for executive functioning and emotional regulation) is weak and dry in sleep deprived human beings.

As we learn to recognize the stress response in our minds and bodies, we begin to activate the Relaxation Response more frequently and effectively. Hanging out in the Relaxation Response throughout the day, particularly in the evenings, allows us to fall asleep more easily, which allows us to awaken feeling well rested, which supports our brain health, allowing us to more easily access the Relaxation Response.

  • Be in bed by 10pm, asleep by 10:30pm, and awaken by 6am feeling refreshed.
  • Limit your use of electronic devices in the evening, shutting them down at least 1/2 hour, ideally 2 hours before bed.
  • Eat dinner by 7pm so your body can complete digestion before bedtime.
  • Bring to mind 3 good things that happened in your day, within the last hour before bed.

Step It Up! Fitness Challenge

Step It Up! is a free, 8-week program designed by Ottawa County Parks & the Department of Public Health to help participants get active and visit new parks. All levels of fitness welcome!
Please register in advance.

Dates & Registration


Begins April 22
Register by April 15


Quality Sleep Resource

Simple sleep practices to help you balance your state of mind and health.

Support your brain health with quality sleep.

Simple Tools for Exercise, Movement and Quality Sleep

At Work – Pause take five deep breaths. Notice, am I more effective at work on a full night’s sleep? What would today look like if I had prioritized quality sleep last night? Do I need to take a moment to walk around my work space, take the long route to the bathroom, etc. to reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels in my body? Park further away from the front door?

At Home – Take a quick walk around the block with your family after dinner. Enjoy the beauty of the green spaces in your neighborhood. Notice – would my body and mind benefit from a brisk walk outside to lower my cortisol levels every evening after dinner? Or a quick game of frisbee in the front yard with my spouse? Children?

Just for You – Notice the messages of feeling refreshed or overly tired in your body. Ask yourself – what would the morning look like if I incorporated just one of the sleep tips above into my evening routine? In bed by 10pm? No electronic devices after 8pm? 9pm? What is the small step toward quality sleep, movement or exercise I can take this week on behalf of my long term health?

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